Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Different Route to the App Store

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Good stuff at the first day of MonoSpace. A definite highlight was the two sessions on MonoTouch. In case you're wondering, Mono is a framework that allows you to develop .Net applications for more than Windows- you can target Linux, OSX, Android, and Amazon's EC2, among others. And, using MonoTouch, you can build .Net applications for the iPhone. So, you can leverage your C# (or, at least some instances using F#) knowledge and skills, rather than learning Objective-C. Of course, there is still a learning curve- you're designing an iPhone app not recreating a Windows form on a different platform so there are different usage patterns and there are extra steps in wiring everything together, as you'd expect. Still, seems well worth using it for .Net shops looking to reuse code and leverage existing skills. Plus, it is actively being developed and keeps getting better- they announced today the release of a debugger to run on the iPhone.

The team that developed MonoTouch had several members present - they are justifiably proud of their achievements and looking for feedback, bugs and real test cases so they can tackle new improvements.

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